fredag 31. juli 2009


Even though I got so many other cardigans I keep coming back to this one, the colour is so summer!

Cardigan and dress - Gina Tricot
Belt - Vero Moda
Tights - Silver Dagger


Scarlett Johanson for Mango. I like this picture and the outfit, a reminder that I need to buy some new white singlets.


Where does it come from this tendency to stress out over small things... but they're not, they're important to me, maybe not like the air I breath or roof over my head... but like little pink flowers that make me smile and the comfy fake fur blanket I crawl into at night.

torsdag 30. juli 2009


Source: Le Fashion

I want to be dressed like this today, except it's raining and last night when I was on my way home it was freakin cold! what's up with that? it's still july!

tirsdag 28. juli 2009


Guess I'm starting look abit ahead, fall is coming up and we have to get a bit more dressed. The middel one i Elin from Style by Kling, the other two I've missed the source on...

mandag 27. juli 2009


Not all days are fashion days, some are comfy days. Especially if your feet hurts after high heels and monday came a bit soon. I love my golden Nikes.

søndag 26. juli 2009


Listening to hear your heart
Is it singing, wanting me
to come

lørdag 25. juli 2009


Jumpsuit - Filippa K

fredag 24. juli 2009


Cardigan - Gina Tricot
T-shirt - Deguy
Skirt - H&M
Ankle boots - Bianco
Belt - Marc O'Polo
And my new watch from Casio


Source: Buffalo records

I feel a bit torn between myself and me.

onsdag 22. juli 2009


How freedom can make me feel kind of lost... like I need someone, or something, to keep me grounded.

søndag 19. juli 2009


Not somewhere else..

lørdag 18. juli 2009


I've made me some. :P
Also bought a matte nailpolish, better picture of that later. :)

mandag 13. juli 2009


Found so many great things!! On the way home it started to pour down, and we got wet to the skin, haha, funny!


"every person is a new door to a different world."
-six degrees of seperation

søndag 12. juli 2009


It's true that clean country air can clean out a poisoned mind and replace it with.. just calm.
This place will always give me a sense of innocent and living one day at a time. :)

fredag 10. juli 2009


So decorative.

søndag 5. juli 2009


What a perfect day that was. From morning to night. ;)

lørdag 4. juli 2009


Yesterday I went out in the morning, and didn't come home until late night. :) Now my feet are tired and today I'm gonna try to keep still. :)

torsdag 2. juli 2009



Source: Le Flassh

A little work out, then relaxing in the sun. Now of to work. :)

onsdag 1. juli 2009


Wearing my Marimekko dress from H&M.


Some of what I saw today. :)
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