torsdag 30. april 2009


"somewhere we know that without silence words lose their meaning, that without listening speaking no longer heals, that without distance closeness cannot cure."
-Henri Nouwen

onsdag 29. april 2009


a bustier like one of these? or something like that... Most important is that it's not tranparent and not too cute. I'm going to wear it under an open jacket like on the pics. Anyone know? I've been looking all over...

tirsdag 28. april 2009


Had so many errands today, and back and forth at work, so flat shoes was a must.
Blouse - H&M
Chinos - KappAhl
Belt - Marc O'Polo
Shoes - Puma


Source: Cirka Now

Love the summer collection from designer One teaspoon. And the hair remind me of back in the days when I had dreadlocks. It's a cool summer!


My new lipstick and nail polish from my favorite cosmetic brand. The picture made the colours a bit different. But the lipstisk is in a nude colour named; blond sensuel, and the nailpolish is purpel rose. Both of them look amazing on and they decorate my bathroom shelf beautifully.

mandag 27. april 2009


I feel like wearing something like this today. Soft and comfy.
My camera is back from repair in about 3 weeks, 3 weeks!! That's a lifetime! How will I survive...


It's me.

lørdag 25. april 2009


Cardigan - Deguy
Dress - Gina Tricot
Shoes - Bronx

fredag 24. april 2009


My lovely Florence, it's been a year now, when will I see you again...


What a georgeus outfit, the blouse seems vintage and sort of fragile. love it!


No time for blogging yesterday. It was such a warm and busy day. And it started with me getting my hands on the blouse you see Caroline wearing, from the Matthew Williamson for H&M collection. Very happy with me buying something colourish. ;)

onsdag 22. april 2009


I'm sitting here..

Looking at this..

It is such a calm spring night, I feel blessed in my life. Though my heart bleeds and the future is unsure, I think there will be times like this again, me at peace with myself.


Source: E.

I have the most amazing girlfriend, she has been with me through thick and thin and I can tell her everything, and I mean everything. I can always rely on her to support me and try to understand me. At the same time she will always tell me if she think I'm wrong or on a bad path. I'm so lucky to have such a girl in my life. Even though we live far apart she is so close to my heart. She is my hero. And togheter we will make it.


Source: Mango

I like the Secret Garden collection from Mango. It's so classic. And the pictures are beautiful.


Early morning in bed. It's so gray outside, I don't wanna get up.
Thinking about a DIY project, I really wanna glue studs to a jeanswest or pants. I wonder where I can buy the studs, anyone know?

tirsdag 21. april 2009

GoodMorning :)

Today I've taken my time with my morning routin. Work isn't until late so I got the whole day ahead of me with joyful things to do. :)

mandag 20. april 2009


The snow header didn't feel quit right... My tree has changed a bit. :)


In Kors-filter.


Cardigan - Gina Tricot
T-shirt - Gina Tricot
Skirt - Lindex
Scarf - Deguy
Shoes - Högl

Uh... I don't like this picture... skirt looks to big... I let the t-shirt hang outside the skirt later that day, it made it a bit better. I see thing's from another angle with this outfit posts, good thing.

søndag 19. april 2009


Thinking about what a good day it was yesterday. I'm content. :)

lørdag 18. april 2009


Take care of yourselfs. Let the sun lift your spirit. :)

fredag 17. april 2009


Do your thing.


Give me a summer house, no work and some peace of mind. And I will cherish you always.

torsdag 16. april 2009


Hah, never throw away an old camera, you never know when you just might need it again. :P
The jeans and cardigan I bought yesterday. All but the shoes (Bianco) from Gina Tricot. Very summer, can't wait to mix it with different clothes and accessories


Be strong women, tell the world what you need. I need my space, my safespot, love and respect. Don't step on my boundarys.

Source: LeFashion

onsdag 15. april 2009


My camera is broken. :( Buhu... So no outfits pics for a while. Bad timing since I finally found som clothes in the colour nude; a sweather from bik bok and a cardigan from gina tricot. Guess I'll just have to show you later.
This is a picture I took before easter, it was a foggy morning. I' ve used the program Photoscape to make the colours brighter and to mirror the tree. Quite happy with it. :)


Kate Moss, Justin Timberlake and Marc Jacobs. Vogue US May 09. Photographer: Annie Leibovitz


I've been up for 2 hours, it was dark then and I drank tea while a new day came to life. The zoom on my camera is broken, have to fix that today, among other things... The first day after vacation is always full of things that must be done. Have a nice spring day everyone!

tirsdag 14. april 2009


Signe is so beautiful.

mandag 13. april 2009


Alexa Chung
Source: HighOnlife

Stella McCartney

Source: The Style of Christina

Stella McCartney spring/summer 2009.
I've written about my love for the nude colours before. It's still very much on my mind, maybe because I still haven't bought anything new in nude colour. Favorite of this 5 is nr.2.

søndag 12. april 2009


This is some of what I've been doing this easter. I'm repainting this table, but first I have to get of all the other paint... I've uncovered red paint under the blue one, and green paint under the red one... hehe, yes this have taken me some time. ;) The table is going to be perfect though, big enough to serve dinner if I want that, and small the rest of the time. :)

lørdag 11. april 2009


This bag is from Wang. And I've found one very much like this wich I really fell for, but do I need it... hmm... Maybe I should buy a different one since it's spring... Have to think about that.


Oh how I love this shoes... Where are they from... Where can I find them?

tirsdag 7. april 2009


The day before everything turned
The sun came in the window
I bathed in it, the sun reflected in my skin and I saw
Everything was innocent
my limbs trembeling with excitement
I smiled
like I so often did
Spinning around in the kitchen
Waiting with such happines I did not know
what life had given me
life can take away


mandag 6. april 2009


So sexy! Often less is more, but sometimes... ah... I have to do something like this this summer!

lørdag 4. april 2009


There you go, my camera is up and going again. Today after work we sat out in the sun, drinking beer and enjoying life. :)

Jacket - Oasis
Shorts - BikBok
Shoes - Roots
Belt and scarf is old ones. :)


I was taking pictures of todays outfit when the battery on my camera went out, crap! Do I have new ones... no. Typical, I'm wearing my new jeans shorts from never denim and everything. hmf!
A picture of Kate in a somewhat similar outfit, I'm wearing thights though, of course, it's spring, not summer. :) But I'm happy with the sun and trees are getting green. :)

fredag 3. april 2009


If I just had some Burberry to put on... So casual, yet well-dressed. Regret I didn't buy the trenchcoat Marc o'Polo had last summer, the nicest trenchcoat I've ever seen... These ones are in a class by them selves.



torsdag 2. april 2009

Todays Outfit

This is what I wore today for work.
Cardigan - Only
Long t-shirt - KappAhl
Thights - Silver Dagger
Belt - Marc O'Polo
Shoes - Bianco

If I could

I would look like this today. The jacket is perfect!
Source: LeFashion


Mira Dress NOK 1299, Velour - NELLY.COM
Farina Dress NOK 299, Vila - NELLY.COM
Sonja NOK 998, Righteous Fashion - NELLY.COM

I'm looking at the new stuff on
This is what I've found, nowone can guess what my favorite colour is this days... ;) Just love that champagne. ;) Should I buy any of these or not? I have to keep in mind that I'm only 160 cm... and the models wearing the items on the pictures are most likely a bit taller.. :P
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