lørdag 23. april 2011


photo by me

onsdag 20. april 2011


Source: Love is a letter sendt thousands of times

This is how I'm gonna spend the easter holiday. At least the long mornings. :)

mandag 18. april 2011


photos by me

Today we had a nice dinner outside at a resturant after work, so many happy people enjoying themselves with drinks and food. :)
The pictures are from yesterday, I spent the whole day in the garden and on the terrasse. That day gave me energy to last a week. :)

søndag 17. april 2011


Source: Knightcat

Kate Bosworth and Aleksander Skarsgaard at Coachella festival.
This is something I could do, hang in my boyfriends belt loop, so sweet.

lørdag 16. april 2011


My outfit to work earlier today. The leggings gave the outfit a more edgy look I think.
And another pic from Paris, I wanna go to Paris every spring, so much more I wanna see!

Shorts - Deguy
Silk shirt - Filippa K
Leggings - House of Holland
Boots - Blink

torsdag 14. april 2011


photos by me

The garden is in bloom. But not everything out there is in perfect shape... The hedge need to be cut back, where there should be grass there's alot more moss, and the poor fence need a stroke of paint. With spring comes garden work.

onsdag 13. april 2011

Paris je t'aime

photo by me

We had the best time in Paris. I'm so lucky to have fantastic colleagues and friends. And of course, my camera was pointing alot upwards surrounded by all this amazing buildings.

lørdag 9. april 2011


Silk shirt - Bruuns Bazaar
Leather shorts - Jofama by Kenza
Boots - Acne Track

Every spring and summer I move into shorts, much more of a shorts person than a dress person. And these leather ones I feel are going to be a favorite. Only thing, they are a bit short... but I hope I get used to it.

fredag 8. april 2011


And now this. Good to know my fingers are, at least, some what green.


Source: Skogland

The simple life. No weighty thougts. A ring of comfort. Soft cotton and smell of lavendel.

søndag 3. april 2011


Source: Belle fleur de lis

A quiet blog, peaceful and sweet. About a girl and her flowers. :)
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