torsdag 15. september 2011


One of my favorite photos of Kate Moss. Is it taken by Hedi Slimane I wonder?

onsdag 14. september 2011


Source: StockholmStreetstyle

All black with white jacket is so wearable. I need a white jacket.


Source: Le Fashion

tirsdag 13. september 2011

mandag 12. september 2011

søndag 11. september 2011

torsdag 8. september 2011


This is a new brand at Deguy, and we love it!! Kate Moss is fronting the campaign. If you need a new pair of perfect jeans, try on some Liu-jo.

tirsdag 6. september 2011


Source: FashionBerry

Love, love, love love love! The pink bracelet, the wolf bracelet, and the Gold nail!

mandag 5. september 2011


Source: Stockholm Streetstyle

Oh, what did I say about those animal print pants! They are a must-have.

lørdag 3. september 2011



Some of the styles at Deguy this fall. You will definitely see me in the animal print pants, so Steven Tyler, love it!


Source: Late Afternoon

This is one fashion diva. It's a bit painful to see that green Zara blazer, I was so close to buying that..

fredag 2. september 2011


One of my favorite dresses.

torsdag 1. september 2011


Source: The Glamourai

One fashionably lady.
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