mandag 31. august 2009


Jacket - Marc O'Polo
Tights - Silver Dagger
Boots - Bianco

søndag 30. august 2009


She's kind of mysterious I think, very intriguing.


It's fall, but the garden is popping with colours. Not completely in sync with the colours, but the flowers decides for them selfs when they want to blossom.

lørdag 29. august 2009


Source: Amore Pace

Lovely dresses!

fredag 28. august 2009


Source: Una Bella Vita

The dream weekend would be like this. Outside, with him, feeling content.

torsdag 27. august 2009


Last night.

Suede leather Jacket - Zara
Shirt - Fidealis
Tights - Lindex
Shoes - Bianco


Source: Carolines mode

I could so go out wearing these.

onsdag 26. august 2009


Blazer and jeans from H&M.

A part of me is actually look forward to winter and snow. I wanna wear soft angora sweaters, jeans and knee high boots. :)

tirsdag 25. august 2009


If you say we should be careless, up all night, smoke when we shouldn't, drink wine for breakfast and give no excuses.
I know I have that sort of night because I'm tired and feel my life is a bit more work than fun at the moment.


I have mixed feelings about this t-shirt, but I can't seem to forget it. So what do you think? To buy or not to buy? I might add, it's super soft!

mandag 24. august 2009


Cardigan - Gina Tricot
Jeans - Filippa K
Old blouse
Pumps - Högl
Belt - Lindex

søndag 23. august 2009


Source: Wildfox

We're in love.


I'm liking this, easy looks, most of us have similar clothes in the closet.

lørdag 22. august 2009


Source: Le Fashion

A good look for those evenings out this fall.

fredag 21. august 2009



I can't wait until these pieces hit the stores. Both sexy and romantic. Beautiful pictures too.

torsdag 20. august 2009


Jumpsuit - Filippa K
Belt - Roberto Cavalli for H&M
Jacket - Baba Jaga
Shoes - Bianco
Earrings - Gina Tricot

onsdag 19. august 2009


Source: amore pace

"we need quiet time to examine our lives openly and honestly...spending quiet time alone gives your mind
an opportunity to renew itself and create order."
-susan taylor-


Necklace - H&M
Shorts - Lindex
T-shirt - Marc O'Polo
Shoes - Converse

tirsdag 18. august 2009

Taylor Momsen

Source: Celebrity Gossip

So cool and so comfy.


Will always be my city.
Thanks for a lovely weekend. :)

fredag 14. august 2009

torsdag 13. august 2009


Source: Le Fashion

Things are falling into place, small things took small turns and ended up right there, in my heart, gave me that calm. The peace you need to see things clearly. I'm so joyfull, I've actually been jumping around a bit. :P Now I can take on the world.

onsdag 12. august 2009


"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

tirsdag 11. august 2009


I could go to work looking like this.


søndag 9. august 2009


Sienna Miller in Alfie.


Over the knee boots - Bianco
Shorts - Lindex
Singlet - Vero Moda
Cut of tights - Lindex

fredag 7. august 2009


Caroline is looking good.
Her site: Carolines mode


Source: Fuck You Very Much

torsdag 6. august 2009

onsdag 5. august 2009


We like confidence.

A new Blog!! It's built up by pictures with a short little text to go with it (like the one above). I've read through everything now and it has made me smile so many times, a new favorit for me. Here it is: Fuck you very much

tirsdag 4. august 2009


Suede leather Jacket - Zara
Jeans vest - Superfine
Skirt - H&M
T-shirt - Gina Tricot
Necklace - a gift
Shoes - Bronx

søndag 2. august 2009


Source: Insider's journal

I will tell you how you started a fire, how it never stop burning, how it warmed me those nights I were alone, how it made me chase my dreams, no limits no limits no limits, with you I am.
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