tirsdag 31. mars 2009

Agent Provocateur

I love the lingerie of Agent Provocateur. So sad the shop they had in Oslo closed. This years swimwear collection is out now, check out their website: Agent Provocateur


"I must learn to love the fool in me--the one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes and loses often, lacks self-control, loves and hates, hurts and gets hurt, promises and breaks promises, laughs and cries. It alone protects me against that utterly self-controlled, masterful tyrant whom I also harbor and who would rob me of human aliveness, humility, and dignity but for my fool."
-- Theodore I. Rubin

Source: A cup of Jo

Todays Outfit

Rain outside and I'm freezing. Glad I have my favorite winter jacket from Marc O'Polo. :)
Jacket - Marc O'Polo
Sweater - Lee
And the rest I can't remeber where I bought...


This girl knows how to dress, and she is beautiful! You find her at chictopia.com, here.

mandag 30. mars 2009


I just love this song


Both me and Ravna (a stray cat wich comes over now and then to rest on my warm wintergarden floor) are feeling a little "pjusk" today. I'm more of a dog person so don't know much about cats, but she isn't looking to good is she..?

My casual outfit:
Sweater - Marc O'Polo
Jeans - Cubus
Shoes - Bianco

These jeans responded to the chlorine entirely different than the other ones I bleached. I'm not very pleases with these. Not very pleased with my orange door in the background either... I should paint it. The shoes though, they are killing it! In a good way. ;)

søndag 29. mars 2009


In a few months there's going to hang chillis on this one.

In my eyes Indisposed In disguise As no one knows

Today's tune: Black hole sun - Soundgarden


I'm having a quiet morning by my self, a cup of tea with honey. And look at my little flowers, they grow so fast. :)

lørdag 28. mars 2009

Todays Outfit

Shirt - Fidealis
Jeans west - Superfine
Singlet - Dolce&Gabbana
And some kind of jeans, some kind of viking jewelry, some kind of ankle boots.


How are you today...?

fredag 27. mars 2009

New Shoes

My new shoes! They are from Bianco, one of the stores that actually have size 35. These felt heavenly and I'm going to use them at work, with other words; everyday shoes.


My new singlet, it will rock with my ripped jeans and shorts, if summer can just come...
Singlet - Dolce&Gabbana
Cardigan - Gina Tricot

torsdag 26. mars 2009

Todays Outfit

I think the blazer I bough at H&M is going to be one of my favorite items. It just goes with everything.
Dress - Gina Tricot
Blazer - H&M
Shoes - Pia Pao

onsdag 25. mars 2009


My new leggings are my first leggings. I'm more of a jeans girl, but these were raw.

Leggings - Silver Dagger
Shirt - Fidealis
Jeans jacket - Gina Tricot
Shoes - Tesori

tirsdag 24. mars 2009


Haha... Two bed pics today... Yes I am a dreamer...


Crawl up in your arms after a long day. Kate and Johnny are doing it rather nicely here.


ph: le fashion
We are not getting out of bed are we?

mandag 23. mars 2009

Todays Outfit

And so there were winter again..
I couldn't believe it when I woke up to snow today. So I didn't feel like dressing for spring exactly.

Pullover, Marc O'Polo
Skirt, found in my mum's closet
Stockings, Lindex
Shoes, Roots

søndag 22. mars 2009


Sitting in my couch, painting my nails pearly white (I like the contrast of black trashy clothes and pretty pretty). Listening to the new Pete Doherty album, Grace/Wasteland.
Tune of the evening: Pete Doherty "new love grows on trees"


This spring I'm definitly wearing:
  • ripped up t-shirts
  • bra insted of shirts under jackets
  • lots of colors
  • sequin skirts, vests or jackets
  • high heels with lots of strapes
  • jeans shorts
Am I missing out on something importante? What are you wearing for spring?

lørdag 21. mars 2009


Kate Moss by Hedi Slimane


Yves Saint Laurent - Everlong mascara
This is my favorite mascara. I know we all look after different things in our makeup. But for me the most importent thing in a mascara is that it is versatile. That means natural for the days I go for a nude look, and powerful and ready to make a statment when I want that. This one you can put on in layers and get as long and strong as you like. I have it both in black and brown.


Pure perfection

Tune of the day - Zeromancer "Houses of Cards"

Houses Of Cards

How can you stand there and deny it
after all we have been through
How can you stand there and deny it
and make a fool out of you

Collapsing like houses of cards
and landing on splinters and glass

Wish I could fake it like you do
wish i could fake it just like you

How can you stand there and deny it
How can you stand there and deny it
Trust me now

Collapsing like houses of cards
and landing on splinters and glass
They crush your heart
but spare your feet
like judging people
you've yet to meet
well time is running fast
upon your reflection

trust me now

How can you stand there
Stand and deny it

fredag 20. mars 2009


This is how I want to look when I'm going out tonight. We'll se how I turn out though...



Filippa K jumpsuit. Soon in my closet.

torsdag 19. mars 2009

Todays Outfit

Blazer: h&m
Shirt: Deguy
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Högl

I'm going to work. Have a nice day!

onsdag 18. mars 2009


This is how I keep order in some of mye jewelry. Use what you got, my earringsholder is part of a grill I newer used. :P
How do you keep order in your jewelry?

Website tips

Hedi Slimane; fashion designer, photographer and artist. This man fascinate me! Check out his website: http://www.hedislimane.com/
One of his pictures of the georgeusly trashy Cortney Love above.

tirsdag 17. mars 2009


Feeling like crap. Going out to take some pictures.


Iris chamaeiris


mandag 16. mars 2009

Colour me beautiful

I can't stop looking at this picture. The girl is stunning, and the background reminds me of one of my favorite citys, Florence. This spring and summer I'll try to dress more colourful.

English or norwegian...

I'm wondering if it's no use for me to write in english... Don't have many readers I guess since I've just started... but I see so many other norwegian bloggers and they all blog in norwegian... I began in english because I wanted to maybe get to know people from oter countries as well... but I do feel that it's been a long time since I've written in english... And it would be easier to express myself in norwegian. Then again, maybe this is i good way to practice my english.... Hmm... This was a hard one to decide on...

The Projects

The jeans I bleached and the jeans I ripped apart and made to shorts.

Now it's of to work, long day, getting a new clothing store ready for opening.

søndag 15. mars 2009


Ripping some old jeans apart. Since I didn't find any shorts that I liked, I'm making my own, and then I get them just the way I want.
I few weeks ago I bleached a pair of jeans I was planning to throw away, and now I wear them all the time. I'm just saying: "Now what you got before you throw it away".
I will put up pictures of the projects later.

The look

An effortless work look I think. Like the "boyfriend watch"and the transparent shirt. I just want all my t-shirts to be transparent these days, got a few from Marc O'Polo, one from Gina Tricot and last I bougth a blue one from H&M.

When I look back it's all white and beautiful

Where did it go...

lørdag 14. mars 2009


Kate Moss


Trying on the jumpsuit. Not sure how I want to style it though..

fredag 13. mars 2009


Great ways to wear the jumpsuit.


Didn't find any denim shorts that I really liked. But did find som other stuff I can't wait to wear.
Blazer and t-shirt from h&m, and jumpsuit from bikbok.


I want this shorts. And the shoes. Okey... I want the whole outfit!

torsdag 12. mars 2009

Todays outfit

Wearing to work:

long sleeve: Marc O'Polo
short sleeve: zara
trousers: Mango
Shoes: Skoringen
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